Virak Chon Moha Thang

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Chinese arts and culture reached their pinnacle in the Tang Dynasty (618–907 CE), which was a time of great prosperity. The advantages for becoming a well-known poet are enormous because poetry is highly esteemed.
Young poet Luo Qiu Chi (Fan Shi Qi) is a gifted student from a difficult background who dreams of living an artistic and literary life.
In order to pursue his poetic goals, he is compelled to leave his family's home and conceal his true identity.
Fortunately, he eventually meets Wen Ren Jun (Xiao Yu Lu), a female academic. She makes the decision to support him as he makes an effort to pass the challenging admission exam for the esteemed Zhu Xiu Academy.
Even if he is admitted, things start to get quite difficult.
He develops a fierce rivalry with the top student in the Zhu Xiu Academy. Then, when he is chosen to compete in a brutally competitive poetry tournament against the finest students of a rival kingdom, he must really demonstrate his mettle.
Fortunately, Wen Ren Jun and other new acquaintances are prepared to support Luo Qiu Chi as she competes against the nation's top young poets.
The 2020 season of the Chinese drama series "Qing Qing Zi Jin" will be directed by Xu Fei.

Virak Chon Moha Thang

Virak Chon Moha Thang

Status Completed
Quality HD
Release February 15, 2024
Movie Type Chinese Drama
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