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The day when another costume play received a perfect rating from me surprised me. This is only the second one because I'm a notoriously picky person. I believe that the fact that it was a Wuxia and that the IP was excellent from reliable sources is what motivated me to purchase it. It would be a completely unique experience for me because I have never met any of the cast members (with the exception of Cao Yu Chen, who appeared in only a few episodes as the deity who never left the mountain and perished when he did). A really rewarding experience that forced me to give in and buy both VIP and Express on the rather shoddy Youku foreign app. I've always longed to see the magnificent Wuxia brotherhood depicted in this series come to life. Okay, let's get started, shall we?
Pros: Each character was perfectly portrayed by the martial arts and special effects, especially the explosions. Each person had a unique blend of it. Even when there were less battle scenes, each episode was worthwhile because of how they developed and changed within their respective styles. My favorite portion was by far that. My favorite character was Xiao Se because he was always thinking 17 steps ahead of everyone else and usually had a backup plan for his backup plans. Even before he regained his fairly fearsome abilities. Even when this person only muttered grumpily under his breath about how his closest buddies were dishonest or dull, he exuded a leadership aura. He was perfectly portrayed by the performer.
Each character had some sort of weakness, which was fantastic since it made them authentic. Together with Xiao Se, Wuxin, with his humorous smile, and LWJ, the good-hearted idiot with the open mouth, insert foot syndrome, and lack of tact, made a fantastic and complicated trio. With Tang Lian acting as their big brother and being an intelligent hero except when it came to matters of the heart, they were a powerful group. Along with every other friend (and LWJ reuniting with his sister), the two women finished off the first group.
Usually when palace politics are put into a wuxia or any other costume drama, I can't bear them, but in this case, it was just enough without absolutely overpowering everything else. Without that, the plot truly couldn't progress. Another common flaw that didn't hamper this plot was the simultaneous introduction of a large number of characters, many of whom you had no idea who they were or why they were necessary. Although the same thing occurred in this series, the characters stayed for as long as they needed to before truly departing. They all had correct exits, so they didn't just disappear. I never once felt the need to fast-forward through any of this series' episodes. I wanted to see every single item, and I frequently rewinded to view a specific moment multiple times.
Particularly the settings and costumes, the production was amazing. I stated in the comments that I preferred Xiao Se's blue with gold or white. However, almost everyone wore costumes that reflected their selves or characters, and the hues were stunning. With Xiao Se's potent lines, entrances, and exits, OSTs were great everywhere they were used. It sounded similar to "Elvis has left the building."
The opponents were all very well done, and they all remained until they deservedly had their payback. My favorite had to be the Director Eunuch guy who was set up by Chong with dad's assistance, however I wish Xiao Se had been the one to do it and have all of his organs burst in addition to destroying his meridians; he deserved no less. He didn't anticipate that from Chong and his backup team, though. Even if the emperor wasn't always a good person—he trusted the wrong people, allowed two of the—I can't remember how many sons—he eventually had to suffer such severe injuries, and killed his own brother—I wouldn't classify him as an adversary. He was a stupid power-hungry man, yet overall he was a wonderful emperor for his subjects.
Although I understand why they did it, losing Tang Lian was truly a blow. I really wish they had brought him back at the end of 40. He did make a cameo in a special episode that the producers edited together, but I have yet to see it on the foreign app. To be absolutely honest, I cried when I saw him again, this time with his pals!
This drama had stunning aesthetics throughout, wonderful humour, and many memorable characters that made you laugh, cry, and empathize with all of them. It has a ton of great aspects and moments. It also had certain drawbacks, though not many.
Cons: Qian Luo was the only character who didn't always have the appropriate attire or hairstyle; she particularly stood out with her enormous spear since she made grownups look like children. She didn't even appear to be the same person when she was conducting interviews; instead of just covering her in seven feet of cloth, they could have greatly simplified the situation. Although it was acceptable that she was young, I struggled with her demeanor in general since her complaining, "know-it-all" attitude, and foot-stomping tantrums were completely needless. She and Xiao Se had no chemistry at all throughout the entire series because all she did was follow him about like an enraged dog. Even more so after she met Rou Yi and lost her martial brother, it was a relief that they evolved her. She did, nevertheless, demonstrate her strength when it mattered; her combat scenes were amazing, but thankfully she didn't get much screen time during the episode.
Second, if some viewers hadn't told others about the Tang Lian reunion, foreign viewers would have believed he had passed away. I wish they had announced it simultaneously on all applications. Thirdly, despite being SML, Wuxin appeared on screen relatively little following his departure in episode 7 and then only briefly again during the Lei Fortress and Tianqi City arcs before turning into a drugged puppet. And at the start of episode 40, just as he is saved in episode 39, he departs once more. In particular, when he, Xiao Se, and LWJ established their brotherhood, his persona was so strong and essential. Other than their banter, there was a significant disparity in how he and Xiao Se got to be best friends. Had he spent more time on the screen, it would have been stronger. People are expressing their need for him to return throughout the entire comment section.
Last but not least, the primary antagonist, also known as Xiao Yu or Prince Asswipe, had the most contrived conclusion ever! They chose for him to murder himself with a knife to the chest after everything he did and orchestrated—the number of people he injured, killed, etc.? For such a powerful and enraged individual with a chip the size of the entire globe on his shoulder that he himself made but blamed on others, it was a cowardly gesture. He was a terrific adversary and deserved much more severe retribution. Perhaps there was a scheduling conflict. That's it, then.
Would I suggest it? What would you think if you got an A? I'll keep this show on my watchlist forever, and I'll surely come back to it later. If wuxia is your thing, you'll enjoy this one because it was so good!

Domnok Chheam Nak Klahan

Domnok Chheam Nak Klahan

Status Completed
Quality HD
Release April 03, 2024
Movie Type Chinese Drama
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